Monday, December 1, 2008

The Little Red Hen

The story of "The Little Red Hen" was the lesson today as we made bread. Andrew asked, "Mom, why wouldn't they want to help?" "Because they were feeling kind of lazy, I guess," I said. "I'm not lazy, mom." How fun to be mom, teaching (but mostly learning) great life lessons every minute of every day! God wants me to be industrious and grateful... My happy helpers!
I'm not quite sure why we (not including me, obviously!)don't wear shirts on the 1st day of December...

Is it supposed to be pouring over the sides like that? 6 perfect loaves of much better than the sprouted wheat bread I last made!
Eli is still asking for white bread for Christmas, or at least for "my birthday"! :) I made a few white loaves 2 weeks ago, but they got eaten so fast, I haven't done it since.

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