Tuesday, December 2, 2008


That's the empty echo I hear in cyber space when I type, and people read, but hardly anyone (no one) in my family answers! (smile) Princess Gerty was the first one to tell me about it (the dark hole of cyber communications), I was sensing it, but I didn't know what it was...(not knowing if anyone was reading, understanding, caring) (To the members of the Whole Fam Damily) Is the site still up and running? Could my Thanksgiving post really have been the last post? Where are the cute pictures of the Kimberly and Byron Frisch family water skiing? (As was promised! From your "amazing" camera? At least a link to snapfish or where ever you cyber store your photos for your "friends" to see, we are your bestest friends you know.) By the way Lillie and Lacy (and of course everyone else-who probably aren't reading this) I'd be happy if you posted more photos, we don't get to see you often enough!
Anyway, blah blah blah.

Andrew is learning to ride "his" (hand-me-down) bike. Here are a few shots of that.
Still amazed that my flowers are blooming in December...I'm from the frozen tundra you know.
I just harvested a full 5 gallon bucket of dead heads from my zinnias to plant next year, I'm excited for next year's flower beds.

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Mommyyork said...

Just wanted to say hi! And see how your Thanksgiving was. Looks like you had fun! Talk to you soon.