Monday, December 15, 2008

Simple Pleasures...

Posted by PicasaExciting!!! We collected 3 eggs today, yes, we have 13 laying hens, but we only collect one egg a day, first it was because they were too young to lay, except Chicken Slade, then the days got short(not enough sunlight-I feel their pain), and then I don't know...we just get one egg a day, but today!!! THREE eggs! I'm so easily excited, I know!
(Batman Chicken & Chicken Slade-yes we name our chickens!)
Tonight Savanah and Eli had an orchestra and Suzuki violin concert. I forgot to take the camera to the concert tonight, but the kids looked great in their black slacks, white shirts, and black dress shoes, and Eli in his tie. Our children officially hold the 1st chair position in the 7th grade orchestra and last chair in the 5th grade one:). (And for very good reason!) Savanah's bow glides gracefully up and down dancing to the music. Eli's bow bobs up when every other (all 150 of them) go down and vice versus, talent only goes so far with absolutely no practice! We're going to work on that this quarter! But it was fun to sit with our four little boys and watch our older two perform. Our little boys took a break to go get a drink of water and three of our boys came back, with someone else's little boy, Ryon asked, "What'd you trade Nathaniel in?" The little boy sat with us for a long time before his mom came to retrieve him, we couldn't stop laughing at his cute little face and complete comfortable disposition sitting amid our whole family!

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Mommyyork said...

I love that you have chickens!!!! I want so badly to live on land so we can do that sort of thing. I think it just gives kids a whole different perspective. Not just video games and TV. That there is other life out there.

Hope all is well. Would love a visit anytime!