Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus?

After Savanah lost her first tooth the tooth fairy was delinquent for 2 whole weeks. And then after returning from a 5 day vacation (the tooth fairy and the girl), the fairy still hadn't she decided to visit right after bed time on the day of her return and use her "stealth" mode to place a few coins under the pillow with out waking the "sleeping" girl. But unbeknownst to the completely over rated tooth fairy the little girl was yet to fall asleep and asked what are you doing under my pillow "tooth fairy". A deep shade of red spread across the tooth fairy's face as she tried to explain the reason for her completely over due and clumsy visit. One might think THAT almost impossible, but OH NO not for our tooth fairy! And the sad end to this tale is, it has never gotten better, hardly a child in our home hasn't awakened or heard the tooth fairy leaving her less than magical stash of cash for the little fellows. Well, it doesn't really end there. Our whole family decided that being a "secret" (now what in the world were we thinking?)Santa would be a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season. Now the tooth fairy knew she needed to stay in the car, to avoid all the problems that the tooth fairy has historically experienced, but the tooth fairy's children were apparently born with the tooth fairies genes and NOT Santa Claus'...and thus, on each visit the children meet face to face with the recipients of their "secret" gifts. Carrying on the tooth fairy's tradition of wanting to do something anonymous, but being well... less than stealth...maybe all the practice now will make for better tooth fairies for future generations! Merry Christmas!

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