Friday, January 23, 2009

Is It Dead? (the rabbit) was alive when Garfield brought it into the courtyard. It was just "playing dead" (not a good idea!) when Garfield started eating it might want to be done here if you have a weak constitution! Andrew just went outside again and the rabbit's head is about a foot from it's body and Andrew said "that looks like an olive" (please don't compare dead things to real foods that I sometimes enjoy eating), which was really just part of the heart that had been partly eaten. Shiver! Shiver! Dead things really didn't bother me when I was younger, but now, I can't help but smiling that ugh gross smile, that means I'm trying not to throw up! I really am grateful that we have a hunting cat that gets rid of the little critters that would otherwise be eating my garden, but in the courtyard???, couldn't he eat them in the garden? I would appreciate that SO much more! that he's done with it...I guess...can I give the rest to the chickens? Is that a gross question?

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Anonymous said...

I probably wouldn't give it to the chickens. I think they wouldn't eat it and then it would get nasty.
Good luck with the seeing dead animal body parts in your courtyard thing.
Todd says "it is great to see animals earning their keep:)"
Love ya, Jen