Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Old School! (Referring to me!)

The Sister Missionaries live with us (well in our guest house). I see them almost everyday, with their contagious smiles, perfectly ironed clothes and beautiful eyes glowing with the light of Christ. A few nights ago we invited them in at about 9:45pm to have a cinnamon roll and to get to know our new sister who is from Australia. Sister Smith just happened to have spent the last few years at BYU-Hawaii (where Ryon and I met) and so just for fun we pulled out the dusty photo album and looked through those fun days. She was happy to see the same BYU-Hawaii land marks that she misses, and then she said, "Oh how old school (pointing to us in the picture), that is too funny!" Meaning the way we were dressed in t-shirts and jean shorts...I guess (I don't really know-I'm stuck in that style really). Ryon and I had recently been talking about our complete lack of seeing any "style" now a days, Ryon's insight was that we just don't see it like young kids do, even though it is probably still there...somewhere. Anyway, we figured out Ryon was in Australia for the World Boy Scout jamboree the year Sister Smith was born... Wow! We're practically old enough to be the parents of's coming so quickly! I guess I'll be 38 when I have my first 18 year old. Here's a serious question, what do I need to know when I have an 18 year old? I only have a few years left to learn it! AHHHHHH!

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