Saturday, February 28, 2009

"The Best Party I've Ever Been to and Ever Had!"

"You've gotta run to have fun!" Nathaniel wanted me to write it down in pirate hand writing to give to the kids!

The pinata was great! Although the top gave way long before the body of it did.

The treasure hunt was exciting, both Nathaniel and Eli discovered a "secret" comparment under their backpacks that they never knew existed and there were clues hidden there...exciting!
The playground was bustling!Posted by Picasa

Team one set up camp at the kitchen table to assemble their treasure map.

Knowing how to disifer pirate jargon really helps!

Posted by PicasaSome of the happy treasure hunters.

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As the sun was setting the boys were getting excited for the most anticipated part of the party, capture the flag in the dark! Nathaniel had a blast at his party and now I'm planning for tonight's party for Ryon. And then Eli's April party! Crazy!
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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! What a neat way to keep up with you guys, we miss so much! I love to see what an amazing mom you are!

Love your cousin,
Jody Rucker