Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ryon's Birthday Celebration & Life and Death Situations!

I've only thrown two birthday parties for my husband, one on his 25th birthday (so stressful that I didn't know if I'd ever do it again...and definitely no more "surprise parties" even with all of Kim and Byron's help!)and one last night! We invited over some fun couples (mostly Ryon's buddies and their wives) and I cooked for like 2 days...not really, but it felt like it! I made home made white rolls, corn bread, honey butter, smoked/BBQ-ed chicken, rice, cowboy beans, salad, fresh cut pineapple, salad, strawberries, grapes, fresh chocolate cake...and the only thing I didn't really make was the ice cream...I only have so much time! So, after everyone arrived we just sat and talked for 3 hours!! Can you believe it? It was so much fun! Ryon fired up a bonfire and we gathered the chairs and everyone told us how they met and we laughed and laughed as our kids serenaded Ryon with "Happy Birthday" from somewhere in the darkness of our backyard (everyone else left their children at home).
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Batman (Batwoman) chicken just hatched out our first chicks, we don't know for sure how many, but we think there are about 18 chicks under her, she only threw out one rotten egg on Friday and kept the rest!!! We're so excited!

This morning before church, I looked out the window to see my "suits" standing around watching something in the flower bed and doing lion imitations. I went out to see what they were looking at and...Garfield was at it again! It seems he heard me complaining about him eating all his catches in the courtyard, so this time he ate it over dirt. Thank you Garfield!

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