Friday, March 6, 2009

The Week at a Glance

Well, our high hopes for lots of chicks are now shattered! Three beautiful little chicks stick to their mama like glue, but after the hen buried the rest of her eggs we dug them up...and cracked them open...(they really didn't smell to bad!)...and they weren't even fertilized! What was that rooster doing in there? My neighbor had assured me that even though I wasn't seeing anything going on..."it was happening", I guess not! So, maybe we'll try again in a few weeks.

Ryon should be starting at a new firm on Monday (if it's God's will-Ryon has done all he can). It's a salary position, which will be great for us, from the stand point of ...having a pay check every month that actually has money in it. Not so good in the how much category, but there's always room for growth at this company, so that's hopeful!

My garden is sprouting, I see tomatoes, potatoes, corn, peas, cabbage, sunflowers, and watermelon already coming out of the ground. There might be some carrots and peppers, but I can't identify them yet, they may just be weeds. My hands feel like a cross between rough sandpaper and hard leather lately, I can't seem to pull little weeds with gloves on and it just thrashes my hands!

Yesterday we took the kids to an A's vs. Giants baseball game in Scottsdale. It was fun to get out together and you can't beat an office sponsored outing that has a $0 price tag for lunch and a game for all 8 of us! It was lots of fun, especially for my 5 baseball playing kids! (Although most of them only wanted to roll down steep slopes of perfectly manicured lawn for 3 hours. I don't even know if my 4 youngest saw any of the game!)

This weekend is Lehi's a time when the cowboys around here have a rodeo. It is SO much of a tradition and a lot of fun! People who live in apartments and have only seen a goat at a zoo and also real cowboys and girls, sign up to put clothes on a pig or a goat...catch a greased pig, take down a calf, and catch chickens...that they then have to take home:) plus other real rodeo events... It's really quite amusing to watch! We were almost brave enough to sign up to participate this year, but we won't have insurance for the next month, so it'll have to wait until next year (the injury rate is out of the roof, as you probably already guessed!). So, after the pinewood derby cars are finished up tomorrow...we're heading over to the chapel to check out the "cowboys" and their animal husbandry "skills"! Have a great weekend!

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