Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're All Winners Here!

Come on! Does it really matter what the final score was? Or that the "other" team scored a 100 yard touch down? Or that their ballerina toed catching guy made an incredible catch in the in zone... It was a great game...even though I wasn't a Cardinals fan before, I think I might be now. That was a fun Super Bowl to watch! And some awesome smoked chicken from the barbie with fresh guacamole I might add, and some great friends lets us (all 8 of us) crash their house for the entire game (even though I got into a little spat with their friend-all men aren't jerks, but those who are sure do a good enough job for all of you!)....oh and for the game Ryon and Savanah made a killer German chocolate cake from scratch, it was the best!


Todd said...

If you haven't seen it, has a great replay of Harrison's 100 yard return and Holmes' winning touchdown catch. You can watch it from several different angles. The West Family.

Lacy said...

Wow smoked chicken from the barbie, guacamole, and German Chocolate cake!!! We had hot dogs... It was a fun game to watch and yes, that ballerina catch takes skill. Miss you!