Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Small Feat!

How is it that most things seem easier for everyone else? Do you know what I mean? When someone else finishes college it seems like they just began, pregnancies come and go for other women, child birth is just a blink, not like our own that last forever... Well, a garden is no different! I've been working on this garden for 2 years now. And although this plot of ground has produced some things (lettuce and sweet potatoes...that's all I can think of right now), it has yet to actually grow the seeds that I plant, it occasionally grows the seeds I planted last year, (where they hung out for the whole year I don't know), but I'm not giving up. This last 2 weeks I've put my all into digging out the old dirt and replacing most of it and amending what I kept. I have (9) 3'x3' x2' holes that I back filled, (they're like earthen pots really) and I'm hoping the seeds I plant this year will actually start growing within a few weeks (not 52) of when I planted them!
Notice "the claw" and shovels and rakes, my tools are good, but it sure is hard work! This is one of the back filled holes, notice the chunks of earth at the bottom of the photo, the ones that look and act like rocks when gardening! How do things grow here?
Ryon constructed a chicken wire fence for my "little" garden. The chickens like to jump over it and sometimes just sit on it. Our chickens jump onto our 17' high roof, I don't know why I would have thought a 4' fence could do anything... But it does keep the cat out, which makes it easier for me to plant things!

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Todd said...

I am jealous of your garden. It was 19 degrees here today.