Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ms. Baseball!

Savanah missed a pop fly during Monday practice, well kind of. It bopped her right between the eyes on her glasses (it had to have been in her blind spot, right?) Blood splattered all down her shirt, baseball pants, glove, and face. Luckily, a mom was there to clean her up and the boys on her team (the whole team besides her) were happy to cheer her up by telling jokes and teasing her nicely. Her nose was swelling last night and she was hoping to have a shiner to show her friends this morning, but when she left for school it was just swollen and red (not picutred here)! I'm so grateful she didn't really get hurt!


Jennifer Gravley said...

OUCH!! I remember those days. Going through it with your kids though is much worse. You guys look like you had tons of fun on your Spring Break.

Todd said...

If baseball doesn't work out, I would suggest boxing!