Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She's A Winner!

Savanah's smile beamed after she was awarded second place in the State Science and Engineering fair! All her long hours of gathering and processing information on almost 200 eggs paid off!

If only I could take pictures in low light without a flash...but you get the idea, right? Happy girl with medal around her neck, being awarded the second place medal in Animal Science.

She also received a sponsored award from the AZ biomedical something or other...all for feeding her chickens!

The boys were SO bored! But for being bored to tears he sure looks smiley in this photo! (5-8pm is a long awards ceremony and we had to be present to receive the awards!)

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Todd said...

Savanah, we sure are proud of you and congratulations on your award! Love, Aunt Jen and Uncle Todd