Saturday, April 25, 2009


Posted by PicasaI can hardly believe this is all in my yard, but today it is! It's beautiful! Everyday I think that (and want to share it with you), but then the next day it looks even better (more flowers blooming, over 100 sunflowers!). Yesterday my big excitement was 4 grape tomatoes, or roma tomatoes, on my very own plant! I couldn't believe how happy I felt! And yes, I live in the desert! All that back breaking dirt moving has really paid off! It was worth it! (Still have the sand paper hands, because I can't seem to stop working in the dirt, I'm sure as the heat hits, I'll go back inside more often...but not yet!--Even with the itchy eyes and constantly runny nose. Where did these allergies come from?)


Noelle said...

So beautiful, You should love it and be happy. I have a sweet potato plant growing. How long did you let it grow before the potatos were ready?

Princess Gerty said...

Looks great! All your hard work is really paying off!

Jennifer Gravley said...

Your garden looks beautiful. You have done a great job!