Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleeping Positions And Carrots!

Ry Guy used to fall asleep in the oddest places (last year's baseball season?)...then time passed and he got into the habit of sleeping in his own bed. But with baseball season and the "new and improved" drop dead time of 10pm for majors!!! Recently his little 3 year old body just drops dead in some different places. One night he ended up sleeping on Nathaniel's loft, sideways with his filthy little feet in mid-air, another night he just got off the bar stool he had been eating on, wrapped himself in a blanket, and just laid down on the concrete floor and feel right to sleep.
Andrew is holding carrots we pulled up today, they aren't very big, but they sure taste great!


Jennifer Gravley said...

Travis used to fall asleep while in the middle of dinner.

Princess Gerty said...

How cool for you to have fresh carrots from your garden! Love those sleeping spots!

Amy said...

Oh that's so cute. I love it!