Thursday, May 14, 2009


I love nature (being outside). From whenever I get up until about 9am our weather is PERFECT right now! This morning I've been putsing around the yard, looking at new poppies (so many varieties...4 pedals, red, pink, mauve), tomatoes (still green), corn (not ready, yet), cabbage (when should we put it in a stir-fry...soon!), Ry put on some work gloves to pose for a photo of himself in his p.j.'s, and Zach, Andrew and Ry all pulled out the rest of the first row of carrots, eating them quickly before the older boys headed for school on their bikes. My little slice of paradise! And Ryon found a great find this morning! This beauty! I think we dug up it's gigantic cacoon in the garden last fall when we were harvesting sweet potatoes, but we didn't know what it for thought (or the chickens:). God is so amazing in his diverse creations!

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