Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solar Oven Cooking~Yummy!

"Is it as hot as the sun"...Andrew asked me just after it was set up. I've been using my solar oven/recycled science fair project boards to make dinner lately. Taco soup is on the menu tonight. Yesterday I made corn bread and Friday I made some more beans...Savanah's friend was over and poor thing doesn't even like beans...even the normal way (can't blame her...I used to hate them, too). And she loved our solar oven that's impressive (she actually ate them). The solar oven does an impressive job of cooking and keeping the heat out of our home. Looks a bit slum-like, but I still like it! If only I had known BEFORE I bought the Viking 10 burner stove...the prices aren't even comparable, much like the heat of the solar oven compared to the sun...sorry Andrew.


Noelle said...

Will you give me solar oven cooking 101 soon? I need to make myself one

Mommyyork said...

You are my hero and queen of thrift!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Can I have your bean recipe for beans. My family doesn't really eat beans either. I would love to know how you do it.
You are so awesome.
By the way phone tag you are it.
Love Jen

Amy said...

You're awesome Jeanette. How's everything going? I would have LOVED to taste your beans. YUM!