Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Party Time!

Yesterday we threw two birthday parties. We celebrated Savanah's birthday from 9am-12pm and Zachary's from 1pm-3pm. It was a busy day for me! (Ryon sat for the 3rd CFA exam yesterday, 6 hours long, so he was gone all day...if he passed (we'll find out in October) then he'll be a Chartered Financial Analyst!) Savanah's party had an Amazing Race theme (The Amazing Party). The 11 girls raced around doing obstacle course events mingled with a treasure hunt, ending on a red rug where they were greeted and received their prizes. There was a lot of laughter and pretty smiling faces as the girls tried to do handstands, ride a tricycle, paddle across the pool, dive into the deep end to retrieve bags with rocks and clues in them (many of them just decoys), and burst balloons to get clues (again many decoys), and sand, jello, and cupcakes to find clues. One cell phone was ruined in the pool in the pursuit of the treasure (so sorry!)...but it was a lot of fun! And lots of food eaten!
My camera is doing it's digital crazy thing where the pictures are all messed up digitally (The one below is mildly crazy, some pictures just look pink and smeary). Sometimes if I hit it on the palm of my hand, then it works for a few pictures. It's really annoying to me when it doesn't work on really important days, who am I kidding, I use my camera every day, everyday is an important day. But these parties were really important to me...oh well. Here's a cake picture. The morning party girls were trying to figure out why there was an 8 on "Savanah's" cake...they even added up the number 8 candle plus the 8 candles and couldn't figure it out. Do you know why? (It was for Zach's party.) By the time Zach's party came around I had given up on my camera for the day. I hope it works on his actual birthday!

Zachary's party was sports themed. It started off with games in the irrigation water, lots of swimming in the pool, a football pinata, and cake and ice cream. The boys ran around so fast that when the party was over many thought it had been way too short, including Zachary!

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Lacy said...

Happy birthday Savanah and Zachary! It sounds like you guys had so much fun!

Sorry about your camera Jeanette. That is so lame- because you take such good pictures, too!