Sunday, June 14, 2009

That Hurt Evil~ly!

It was so funny! We've been riding our bikes a lot lately (up to 20 miles a day). And Friday, I ended up needing to ride off a curb, with Andrew on the trail-a-bike behind me and as we hit the road he yells, "That hurt evilly." I'm not EXACTLY sure what it meant, but I think it hurt in a sensitive spot, but the way he phrased it was just really amusing to me! And maybe the heat was getting to me?!

I'm really missing my camera. A picture really does paint a thousand words!

Savanah and Eli had their first water polo match on Saturday. Savanah was the star of the show, with Eli coming in a close second. A parent on the team nicknamed Savanah Barracuda, and Eli Shark, because of their playing styles. Savanah scored 3 goals during the game and we were asked to have her sign up for club water polo. She's excited to pursue it further, but I'm not sure we have the means to do that for her right now. But we are excited for a fun season of Saturday games!

Tomorrow morning Ryon will start with Metlife. He's really excited to add property and casualty insurance to his portfolio of investments. I'm grateful he was hired during this recession doing what he likes to do. Thanks for all your prayers and help! I really appreciate the support and understand we've had from our families and friends!

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Lacy said...

Great post! I am so happy to hear about Ryon's job!