Monday, June 15, 2009

My Birthday Boy...Zach...Bob!

Zach goes by Bob nowadays...I know, I never would have named him Bob. But I started getting the idea most everyone else did when for his first up to bat during baseball season his whole team started chanting, "Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob!". It by no means started there. I've been hearing about Zach-Bob for years now. But this year it just took over. I signed Nathaniel up for swimming, but Zach went in his place, so he was called Nathan for a few days, at which time I told the teacher we call him Zach, but by the end of the class...he was Bob again. He has a contagious happiness for life, always happy, always SO grateful for every little bit of everything, a moment of my time, a fresh made roll, everything. Zach requested pancakes for breakfast (I took pictures but they are the wacky, stripey, you know the ones). I made the pancakes with fresh ground 9 grain mix, finely shredded zucchini (oil substitute), and agave nectar (sugar substitute). He LOVED them! Probably the next best thing to fresh red ants or grass hoppers. These photos are from this afternoon when we rode our bikes to a nearby playground to play together for Zach's birthday. When we got home he had to jump into the pool without even undressing because he was so hot! Zach is looking forward to being baptized on July 11th. I love Zach to pieces! Happy Birthday, Zach!Here are some pics of the others from today.

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Lowdogg said...

This is a great post. He was especially sweet to Joseph when we saw you in October and Joseph always talks about cousin Zach. I guess we'll have to get him to say Bob.