Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eli Can't Fly, Andrew Makes Us Laugh, Savanah Rocks at Waterpolo

Well, Eli sprained his ankle. 9 X-rays and 2 doctors later, it's conclusive he has a lot of soft tissue swelling, but no break! Yeah! He is stir crazy and actually after the doctor called last night with the final results we let him play water polo early this morning, treading water for 1/2 hour with only one foot isn't easy (chalk it up to physical therapy). Eli jumped from his loft (about 9' in the air) on Thursday and instead of landing squarely on the soft foam chair, his ankle rolled over onto the floor. OOOoops! I'm so grateful for great insurance! (Get Met it pays!)

Andrew is our resident comedian. Often times forgoing dinner to entertain us with a song and dance or in this instance a super funny change of character. The first sad face isn't too funny by itself, but his come back pose just cracked us up for hours last night!

Savanah scored the first points in the water polo match this morning again. O.K. She scored all the points for her team. It was more of a scrimmage this morning because the other team didn't have any players, but one of "their" four coaches hopped into the water to play goalie for Savanah's team.

We'll have our first teenager tomorrow...Summer Solstice...Father's Day, Sunday...Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!!! But we may need you to wish us good luck for the next few years:)

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