Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Day Has Arrived!

Zach is a special boy. He thanked me for letting him get baptized (have I ever let on that I wouldn't?). He invited his best friends to his baptism (who aren't members of our church). His goals for the future include going on a mission and having a family and graduating from college (BYU). Yesterday he was baptized and lots of friends and family came from far and near to be a part of our celebration. THANKS everyone! I'm grateful to Ryon for baptizing Zach and to Zach for having such a great love for the gospel and the scriptures (he is so excited to own his very own set now). (A special thanks to my mom and dad for traveling so far and tolerating the heat! To Nana and Papa Kirk for bringing cousins and driving so far, you had your hands full! To Marci for loaning me her awesome camera for the occasion! To all the kitchen help...Ryon, Sarah, Ben, Mom, and Dad...many hands make light work!) I love to watch my little children receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, they each have sat on a chair surrounded by grown men who all love them so much, encircled by the love of their Heavenly Father and their earthly fathers. The gospel is true, I'm so grateful to be alive today!


Princess Gerty said...

We were so happy to be a part of Zach's special day! Great pictures! I'm so glad you had a good camera.

Jennifer Gravley said...

Congrats to Zach. What an awesome experience. It's so much fun when family can come and be part of those special times.