Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nanas & Papas

My parents flew into town on Wednesday for a visit and to attend Zach's baptism. We had a lot of fun making crafts with Nana and playing games with Papa (with a beard). Nana isn't so fond of cameras, so there aren't many everyday pictures with her here. But it was sure fun to have them visit! My dad made me a new solar oven when he was here. Definitely an upgraded model!

It is quite possibly a dream come true... Papa Kirk is into FUN stuff and traditions. So, during his visit he performed the beloved tradition of the doughnut eating contest (assisted by Papa with a Beard for timing purposes).

I think this is the 3rd doughnut competition(taking over from the brain freezing ice cream eating contest...a half gallon a about brain freeze)?... This time he only got 5 dozen doughnuts (once he bought them 9 dozen Krispy Kremes...can you say ugh, I didn't realize we could get tired of KK!). The rules are fairly simple, each round has about 1 minute in which you devour a whole doughnut, or you don't advance to the next round. And of course there are monetary prizes for the winners (Everyone)...could you even imagine such fun when you were a kid?Fittingly Zach won on his baptism day.

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Jennifer Gravley said...

That sounds like fun. I think we just might try that. My boys would love it. We love haviing grandparents around.