Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day to Remember (and Forget)!

Saturday was a great recreational day! A true day of recreating our spirits after many months of intense stress, it was an amazing day to forget all our worries and just work hard at playing hard. Aaaaah! That's the sound of complete contentment!

Smile Break!

All the boys climbed a cliff and did some extreme jumping!

Amber & Todd patiently taught us to wake board one after another, after an other. Five year old Andrew was our star of the day, wake boarding on his first time out, making the rest of us (the Frisches) look like, "fat little bunnies" :). Andrew, Zach, and Ryon all cliff jumped into the water from 35 feet in the air (at least), the highest point any one jumped from yesterday. And Andrew was smiling after he was done... "I can do it!" is a great mantra for Andrew.

After I filled the photo card with 380 pictures (gone are the days of 24 picture film rolls) Ryon and Todd provided a six part totally entertaining inner tube battle complete with flips, huge spray, and lots of laughs, while a storm was rolling in, which completely devastated our picnic site (while we were away), but we were blessed to all be safe...easy-ups can be replaced. But a great day like yesterday, can't! Thanks! (But I could have lived my whole life without hearing "that" song (over and over again), who put that in there anyway? The young men's president?:)

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Nana from San Diego said...

I think I am caught up on your least back a week and a couple of days (: Looks like yesterday was a blast! And you captured so much on film! Love you guys!