Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's Happening

Ryon's new job is going great! He's working long, hard days, which are exhausting, but he feels so blessed that it is going great. He's feeling like every day is too short, and he told me he needs to stop burning his candle at both ends! Last time I posted a photo of him I got so many worried comments about him looking tired, I took it down. With my camera being out of commission I can't take a new picture of him, SO with the magic of Picasa...Here is a "new" old picture:)...Better? Not so tired?


This morning Zach woke up getting "sick" about every 15 minutes... He's such a good natured kid! Not a word of complaint, but you can't miss that heaving sound!
Ry only spent 2 days (instead of 2 weeks) in sea sprites when his teacher moved him up to sea horses, and his first day there the teacher mentioned he was better at all the swimming skills than the rest of his class mates, she asked who put him in sea sprites in the first place, (that would be me, his mother) I didn't answer.

Even with Zach not feeling well, we wandered out into the garden to try to pull out all the grass with the dirt being wet and all, because we did get about 1/320" of rain this morning (I'm not even exaggerating!). Luckily we had gotten irrigation on Tuesday, so we were pulling grass and Eli says, "MOM, come look at this..." "What is it Eli?" "Just come look." So, I go over to see a dead pumpkin leaf (huge) covered with these fat little diamond shaped soldier bugs (I don't know what they are called). And I couldn't tell if they had killed the leaf or just decided to use it once it was dead. None the less over 1000 bugs of the same kind in one place can't be a good thing. So, what would any farmer do? I went to get a chicken, it's fun to watch animals eat bugs...BUT the stupid chicken was more concerned with escaping from me than eating the huge juicy banquet that was laid out before her. I ended up picking up the worst leaf and shaking it out over a chicken coop with a hen and her chicks in it. The hen made a very special sound (not like her normal call when she looks all frantic and her chicks just totally ignore her clucking and walk away to investigate the world...some things are the same no matter what creature you are) and her chicks came running and went to work eating everything that moved, very entertaining, but I still had an infestation in my garden. So, we caught three different chickens this time (we have about 30 chickens/chicks now) and put their heads close to the delectable treat, and again, no interest (are chickens color blind?). I ended up pulling out the whole pumpkin vine and putting it the big coop, luckily there were hungry chickens in there, FINALLY!

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Princess Gerty said...

Travis and I laughed at your photos of Ryon! We are so happy he is loving his job!