Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bear Canyon Lake

We enjoyed a lot of laughs this weekend as we ventured into the mountains, to do some "primitive camping" with Eli's scout troop and their families. When we arrived at camp we had fun building a fire to cook our hobo dinners. And we set up our make shift potty we made from an upside down bucket with a hole cut into the bottom.

Savanah was the first to use our temporary thrown. She considerately asked her dad if she should leave the toilet paper there when she was done. He said, (thinking she was talking about the roll of paper, not realizing she had left that in a chair before she took a piece to the potty.) "Just bring it back when you're done." So, she brought back a long piece of toilet paper carefully pinched between her thumb and index finger and dangling down about 2 feet from her fingers. Eli asked her if she had used the whole roll, and she said, "no". Then, she went to put the toilet paper into the fire and Ryon said, "Don't waste it, save it so someone else can use it." She looked at him confused and still wanted to put it in the fire, so Ryon grabbed it out of her hand, to save it from the fire. (Thinking it was unused.) Ryon then tried to give it to Eli, (by waving it in front of his face) who had just requested something to blow his nose with. But Eli avoided it like a used piece of toilet paper (which it was!) Ryon said, "It's not like it was used." (Proceeding then to do a charade with the toilet paper as a prop of someone pulling that long piece of paper back and forth between his legs.) All the while Savanah was looking on with her jaw dropped wide open...finally Savanah blurted out, "Dad! I used that toilet paper!" "No you didn't"-Ryon Savanah-"Yes I did! Feel it, it's damp!" Then, Ryon finally understood what he had failed to understand from the beginning. And we all had a good laugh!

On Saturday I asked Ry Guy, "Have you gone pee today?" (Thinking he hadn't and wasn't drinking enough water.) But he responded, "yes." So, I asked where, "In my pants." He said, and he had. We had lots of laughs on our trip!

The mountain air was cool and clean, such a wonderful break from the heat of the valley! The boys had fun catching crawdads, chopping down a huge dead tree, hiking, and discovering treasures that previous campers had lost. We got rained on and hailed on, and when we were leaving it was 45' and when we got home it was 102'. We made some fun memories!


Nana from San Diego said...

It was so fun getting caught up on your blog and seeing all the pictures! Everyone is looking older just since July!

Your tribute to your anniversary was beautiful and the idea to have a scrap book hilighting each anniversary is fabulous! It is amazing how much we forget over the years.
Love you all!

Todd said...

Wow. I think Ryan is taking the idea of being 'green' and recycling to a new level.