Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday Biking

For a little variety on Saturday morning, we loaded up our bikes and went for a fun family bike ride (instead of scrubbing toilets, folding laundry, and washing windows) before Zach and Nathaniel needed to be dropped off at Fry's Grocery store to sell scout-a-rama tickets at 10am. Ryon knew about a great park with marked bike lanes, a stream with shade trees, a skate park, and some awesome water areas. The kids loved playing tag with their dad on some of the park equipment. I enjoyed the looks of excitement as even Savanah and Eli were trying to get away. We all had fun riding our bikes thru the "sprinkler" play area before we went home. What a relaxing morning!

Ry isn't in many of the pictures because he was behind me on the trail-a-bike, but there is one shot of him on his bike... I really feel free now that 5 of our kids can balance their own wheels. We have the best time with our family right now! I love everyone's ages and personalties! I wish we could just freeze at this time for a long long time! Life is about the journey...

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