Friday, September 4, 2009


Tomorrow is picture day. Not a favorite for my family. Family pictures are close to torture for them, I've tried to explain the shutter on a camera takes less than a second to click and those clicks can happen really close together, and having your picture taken CAN be fun, but alas someone is almost always 4, and someone else almost always 9 and well, having a constant grump in the picture seems to be a tradition (one that will hopefully be broken this year!!!). This year there's no baby to try to work with, just lots of long legs, 8 bodies to fit into a 4"X6", it's quite a lot if you really think about it. Any great pose ideas for 8 people in a studio? I hate it when everyone is on the floor and it just looks like a big pile of people. Or everyone is standing stiffly waiting for the click... Wish us good photos!


Lacy said...

Good luck! I miss you guys!

Princess Gerty said...

The Hineman's had a really great family photo a couple of years ago. They weren't in a studio, but the idea may help. They were standing in the woods doing different things. Some in groups, some facing different ways, etc. It looked really cool, natural and relaxed. I assume the photographer was a real artist, because it looked fabulous. Ask Nancy if you can see it and get some ideas.