Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Hiking!

This time we got our 5 camel backs filled and our 16 shoes tied faster than ever before. We were out the door around 8:30am and Savanah came with us and enjoyed the hike. She mentioned we should do it over and over again and just jog the whole thing in the future. What a great idea... (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?-some of us aren't 13 any more.) The weather was perfect, slightly over cast and not too hot, not too cold.

Notice Savanah's expression...She loved the hike, but NOT the pictures, she said she didn't want to repeat those, just the hike.

Notice the crows feet around my eyes? I love them...why? I don't really know, maybe I think they are cute. My kids are the same way, we think it's cute when people get old, white hair, wrinkly faces, it's like they get nicer, and smarter, and funnier in a deep way, like grandma shaving her face with a disposable razor in the bathroom without shutting the door. It seems so liberating to get older. Not caring what people think any more. I know I'm weird, my friends remind me every day. But I still like wrinkly faces, and white hair. Ryon is getting white hair...I really like that, except maybe the ones coming out of his ears...that's weird! (Is that a secret Ryon? Maybe he wants the door shut on that one?) I keep waiting for my first white hair, but either it's camouflaged amongst the blonde or I haven't gotten it yet. But I'm sure it's coming and I'm ready for it.

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Princess Gerty said...

I was excited when I first noticed wrinkles under my eyes because I thought maybe I would start looking my age instead of like a little girl. So, I know what you mean. I hope that when I have the wisdom of a 40 year old, I look as wise as a 40 year old.