Saturday, November 28, 2009


I missed my family in Wisconsin this Thanksgiving. I don't remember when we were last able to visit Wisconsin for Thanksgiving...maybe 11 years ago? My parents are the best when it comes to avoiding guilt trips about my lack of holiday visits. They even made their way out here for Thanksgiving a few years ago, which was like heaven on earth. It was so nice to see them at that time of year.

Even though I couldn't see my family this year we visited Ryon's whole immediate family (all 3 parents, 6 kids, 6 in-laws, and 18 grandchildren) in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving. As always it was a lot of fun! Nana Jan planned all the food and all of it was amazing, I thought it was the best ever! Everything had at least a pound of butter in it and who knows what else, yum yum! Papa Kirk was as amazing as ever (planning and executing the funnest activities imaginable!)getting all the kids nerf guns for a "nerf war". And of course the famous doughnut eating contest, I think Eli won, who knows how many doughnuts he downed. He ate another 2 whole ones when he came into the house (but currently he is an empty pit ). We chatted, tickled, gave piggy back rides, jumped on the trampoline, played frisbee, football, and ate and ate and ate.

The day after Thanksgiving, Ryon's dad was willing to squish into the suburban with the 8 of us so he could come home with us to spend a night. It was such a treat to have him visit. He had never seen our place, so the kids LOVED showing him around. They also loved his mission stories and having him all to themselves. (I wish I had taken pictures, Grandpa you'll have to come back again, so I can get some pictures with you and the kids!)

My husband gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek tonight while I was eating dinner, I felt like I was in a dream. Life is so wonderful, so much better than I had imagined as a child.

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