Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oil & Robots!

My team took our Robot to Queen Creek on Saturday, I was happy to wear my little "First Lego League Coach" pin on my shirt collar. My team worked together really well! And the programs and attachments ran smoothly. We were the first team to be ready to try out our robot and our trials went really well. The real competition is on Dec. 5, so we have a few weeks to make some more adjustments and to finish our research and project. The kids have really come a long way! Ryon isn't thinking next year is in my future, it really does take a lot of time for me to coach. I'm thinking at least 20 hours a week...not to mention the thinking time. So, I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Ryon decided he wanted to be an army guy on Friday. And so he dressed himself in this camo outfit for the day, hat and all:).

On Friday, I realized the suburban needed an oil change, it wasn't driving so well. So, I went to Checker Auto Parts, asked for a quick oil change tutorial, and headed home with a new filter and 6 liters of oil. And within an hour bada bing bada boom, installation success. I felt better, the suburban ran better, and one more thing checked off the better do soon list. I even reset the oil life setting on the suburban computer...isn't the internet amazing...3 quick pumps to the gas peddle when the ignition is on but the engine is off and magically the oil life was back to 100%. (I feel all smart, even when I don't know anything!) I told Ryon a few hours later about my fun little oil changing adventure, and he asked me to change the oil in his truck. It was so much fun I told him I'd do it, Monday should work into my schedule, although, I think he's feeling weird about the prospect of his wife changing his oil.

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