Thursday, January 7, 2010


Winter gardening is where it's at! 70' and sunny, all the foods that I like the most, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and peas. I know it doesn't look that pretty. But it produces a surprisingly large amount of food. I'm hoping to get more efficient at my use of garden square feet! We did just expand. The cardboard is covering the ground we just dug up. It is there to hopefully slow down the encroaching burmuda grass roots. I sure hope it helps! Last year's summer garden did so much better with Ryon's "walls" and his round-up! Gardening sure is a team effort! And the sheets scattered around are the the garden's sheets, I still have to periodically tuck it in at night so the tomatoes stay alive. Although, I have noticed that the more vegetation and the closer it is together the less effected the plants are by the cold weather. Mental note for next year. Plant winter garden close together, with cold hardy plants surrounding more delicate plants (ie. tomatoes). Also, zinnias protect tomatoes from the cold. (beautiful combination) I've also discovered my children! They are SO helpful in the garden!

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