Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!

He's into the double digits now, I just realized we have only 9 years in single digits and then 90 in double digits. Childhood really does pass by so quickly. With that in mind I changed from my every other year birthday party idea (one year with friends, the next with just family). If a kid only really has 18 birthday parties in their life time (I don't remember my parents having birthday parties, and I've never had one as an adult) then you might as well have one every year, until they stop. So, Nathaniel had his family birthday Friday and his friend party Saturday (2 cakes, one Dad's favorite, and one strawberry - his favorite). I didn't do the normal buried treasure and pinata (a bit frazzled at the moment). Today we just ate pizza, ran, ate a football cake and ice cream, swam, ate, threw water balloons, and then ate nachos. The boys were really accommodating when it came to eating! Everyone was smiling and playing so nicely! Savanah was my right hand girl at the party! She blew up 300+ water balloons and helped like a second mother. I couldn't do it without her!
Nathaniel chose bacon, sausage, fried eggs, and biscuits for his birthday breakfast, and he chose "what ever you want to have for dinner mom because you never get to chose what you want to eat..." It was tremendously thoughtful, but I didn't have on hand what I would want to eat, and well I was just really hungry already! So, we had Church's Chicken...not my favorite, but thanks for asking!

Nathaniel is sure that 9 was better than 10, already. He is an amazing person! He's able to cook (and loves to cook for other people), he likes to help his siblings when they are sad, he loves to run and play sports, he loves to build with Lego's and Lincoln logs and is definitely talented at building things like working guns (out of Lego's), bridges, robots, and other things that are very impressive! I'd guess that some day he'll be an architect, engineer, or chef by his current interests and abilities. He is very passionate about everything that he loves and I want him to know that I love him very much!

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