Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I haven't pulled the camera out much lately. Spring break was fun, a roller coaster all by itself. It was a time of celebrating our biggest b-day ever, the heart break of Ryon's dad's quickly declining health, swimming in the ocean, having to drive back home from San Diego alone one too many times in a month, and eating ice cream with Papa Kirk. The good and the bad flew at us at incredible speeds. Life is ever full of excitement and contrasts. I can't fully explain how I feel, but I truly am loving life. I'm learning to feel it again, I lost that for a long time, even though I can't express how it feels, it feels good to feel, even if it doesn't feel good. Now isn't that a funny thing to say. Oh yeah, back to the title. It's baseball season again. We have 4 teams this year, Eli is in majors, Nathaniel- minors, Zach & Andrew Coach pitch, and Ry is in T-ball. We had the first game of our season last night. I had a great chat with one of the moms throughout most of the game. Eli asked me if I hated baseball, no...I don't hate baseball. It's just...well 8 games a week...and some times there are things that are fun to talk about during a game. I wasn't playing a DS like some moms were. I saw Nathaniel's team get a grand slam home run and win the game. What else was there to see?

My parents are coming this weekend!!! It only happens once a year, and I'm as excited as I was on Christmas morning when I was a kid.

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