Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day With OUR Cousins!

It's rare...I know. West Virginia is a long way away! But last week we were able to meet up in beautiful, although a bit blustery and cold, San Diego. We hit the play ground first, then gyros :) (that's me smiling really big, thanks for the treat Todd!) (Oh yeah, there were 10 of us and 8 of us ate Jack in the Box, but the gyros were the best!), then Coronado (Hotel del and Mary Beth) lots and lots of shells (bits of shells, broken shells, anything that looked like a shell, and I liked the big rocks Rebecca! You're as funny as your mom! I love you both!), then a sign that said no shells :(, then on to dinner at Hometown Buffett (When did all you can eat buffets totally lose their luster for me? When I grew taste buds, or when I was still full from lunch at 5pm?) But I got to chat with my Great Aunt Jeannie (I hope I inherit that awesome thick white hair!) and my mom's cousin David. Then our reunion day was over as quickly as it began. But it was worth it!
After looking thru all my photos of our trip...I was sad to find I have only one photo of my sister...and it really is only of her hands. She tricked me! She kept handing me her cameraS and I just shot away... so these aren't a very great representation of our trip, hopefully the one that lady took for us in front of Hometowne Buffet turns out better! :) But some how I doubt it:)!

The day before the West Virgia cousins day we had an afternoon with our California cousins, Cannon, Dane, and Ivan! Which always entails a ton of running around like little crazies and lots of happy laughter, and never a tear! Then a wonderful green chilli pork roast dinner by was the best! Followed by a nerf gun war with Papa that was brutal enough to give Zach a few reasons to think about why Iraqi war veterans have TSD... He said he was wondering if he was going to get shot around every corner. I was hoping I wouldn't have any soldiers in my mix, maybe Papa will cure them of any soldier day dreams before they can sign on the dotted line. We snuck in a little bike ride on my favorite little path the morning we met our West Virgina cousins. And then before we knew it, we were headed home, with a few doughnuts in our bellies and lots of hugs! Thanks FAMILY, we love you very much! We love spending time with you! We hope to see you agian soon!

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