Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Savanah! (And Rebecca)

We celebrated her 14th birthday on Saturday with a party of her bestest school friends. In previous years we tried to integrate school friends with church friends, and other friends, but it's hard to do without a lot of little subgroups forming, and Savanah is really sensitive to that, so this year it was just her bestest school friends(I know bestest isn't a word, but it's what she calls her dearest friends, she has a different group of best friends, they just aren't the bestest) . They are the sweetest bunch of girls, they played from 3pm-9pm, swimming, running, giggling, playing board games, tickling each other, listening to music, eating and dancing.
Savanah was gone at Time to Blossom camp from Monday through Friday, so as soon as she got home we got her party plans finalized. She's been just radiant since she arrived home. She's a beautiful, kind, loving, grateful, considerate, wonderful young woman. She has firm opinions, and is able to express them in a clear and kind way. I especially love her deep gratitude and that she expresses it for everything I do and am. She frequently reminds me why she's grateful she's my daughter, and why she thinks I'm the best mom in the world. I'm so grateful she's my daughter and I know she's the besst daughter in the world. I'm so grateful we had such a wonderful 13th year! (I heard it could have been hard, WHEW what a blessing we didn't have that experience!) Savanah's favorite color is yellow. She likes flowers and family. She's trying to eat healthy foods and get a lot of exercise. She enjoys swimming, water polo, biking, basketball, and volleyball. She keeps her room clean and organized, which I love. She loves to help the little boys play games and read. She even held them on her lap during her birthday party so they could play with her and her friends. I'm so grateful to have a daughter! You are special Savanah, I love you! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

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