Sunday, June 13, 2010

Water Polo!

I love this sport. It's kind of funny because we've never won a game since the kids started playing, but it's SO much fun to watch! On Saturday Savanah's team lost 2 to 20, with Savanah being the only one to score on her team until late in the last quarter. And on Eli and Nathaniel's team Eli scored 4 points and Nathaniel scored 1, the only points on the board for their team for the night. Savanah and Eli both had calf cramps during their matches, I need to figure that out, I was thinking maybe dehydration, they were outside most of the day with Zach's birthday party. We were playing with the white caps Saturday. And our family continues to pick 9. Although, with Eli and Nathaniel on the same team, Eli ended up with 8 this match.

Savanah got her braces off last week, her teeth are beautiful, white and straight:). And yesterday we had her hair trimmed, I hadn't realized she was never wearing it down because last time I trimmed it I left it uneven, oops! She's such a patient girl (sorry you were suffering in silence!) So, now she's learned how to straighten the front curls and she loves her new look! She'll be 14 this week. I remember 14...:)

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Teeth, Gorgeous Young Lady!!
Love ya, Jen