Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zach's 9th Birthday Party!

Zachary is amazing! He is smart, very smart, kind, fast, generous, patient, enthusiastic, energetic, positive, dependable, brave, and very very loveable! He has the best buddies! Many of them could only come to part of his birthday party because they were busy with sports and family engagements, but they came for the part of the party they could squeeze into their schedules, I know they treasure their friendships with Zach. He really is a great guy! He loves it when he gets to sell things for Cub Scouts, and he's so good at it! He loves gardening. And sports are his life! He's very coordinated and was easily the best player on his baseball team this year, getting countless outs at first base (where he played almost every inning), coaches had to keep recommending their players hit "any where but close to first base". He's humble, never coming across as errogant or better than others. He's truly a wonderful son, I'm so glad he's mine:). I love you Zach!!!!!!
We had a birthday party at our home this year. The boys played waterballoon football, swam, had diving contests, made whirlpools in the hot tub, had a treasure hunt, ate ice cream cake & pizza & veggies & fruits, and laughed and played for hours. Happy 9th birthday, Zach! You're the best Zach in the whole world!

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