Thursday, July 1, 2010

Game One!

Last night was an upset! The Union (that's what I'll call it, even though none of the OTHER parents (Ryon) thought that was a good idea:)), Eli's All-Stars team, otherwise known as MNCLL (all standing for words, none of which just flow smoothly off my say...Union (another word for North-one of the words) just seemed like a decent choice over say, "Go Team!" (very generic, don't you think?). Anyway, Eli's team won in the last second of the game. We were behind the whole game and then in the last inning we scored 4 points, and then made a quick trick play and the final score and before we knew it the first game in the series belonged to the Union, MNCLL that is. Eli was 4th in the batting line up, the clean up hitter, but he got walked to first. He was a left fielder, a position he hasn't ever played in regular season, but he's happy to be on a team where he can trust all the other players to do their jobs and do them well. He's having fun. He has another game tonight, he's very excited...he must be because he spent 3 hours this morning using a crow bar to break out concrete and wheelbarrow it to the back yard, all with a smile on his face and a great attitude. Life is so sweet when the kids are happy!

Andrew and Zach are excited for the breast stroke swim meet tonight. Andrew is so excited because he is ranked as the fastest 6-7 year old breast stroke swimmer at our pool. He pops out of bed every morning excited to get to the pool to swim about 15-20 laps. I can float, doggie paddle, and maybe freestyle or back stroke, so I'm always so impressed with my swimming kids & husband. I think there are at least 4 people at my house that could save my life if I ever drowned, that's comforting in it's own strange way:).

Talking about swimming, Savanah spent 12 hours at the pool yesterday between junior gaurd and water polo. She loves it, but long days like that sure get exhausting. She's hoping to have 100 volunteer hours in at the pool before the end of summer. With her busy summer schedule that will be hard to accomplish, but if any one can do it, she can.

We had irrigation today (the flood). Before it came I harvested tomatoes, green onions, squash, and garlic. And Ryon picked a bunch of delicious peaches (they are different than the early season peaches, these aren't as juicy but are firm and have an amazing flavor-they'd be good for canning, if I canned)! I also put up some cloth on the south side of the garden to make some shade. The tomatoes have really slowed down in their production in the last week, I'm wondering if late afternoon shade will help anything, it's so hot here in the afternoon and night, even in the shade!

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