Sunday, July 25, 2010


Ahhhh! The smell of pine trees, the patter of rain, the crash of thunder, the sound of laughter, and time spent with amazing friends...the last few days were a wonderful vacation from the heat of the valley and our normal every day schedule. Our generous friends invited us to a Pine Top cabin to enjoy some time with them before school & football season starts and our grown up lives end:). Their family is so much fun! We played in a rain storm (then tried to pick grass off of clothes, and kids, and the floor for the next 24 hours...but it was SO worth it!), the boys went to a rodeo (and some how "won" free pizza and admission), we played tons of games...Apples to Apples, checkers, chess, Rumus, Cribbage, Quirkle, tic-tac-toe (almost tic-tac-dough$), watched a movie on a black and white tv, ate hot cocoa and toast (every time the kids got cold, which was a lot, it was so fun to feel cold after coming from our hot valley!), we bunked in rooms with 3-4 other people, went for a walk, and sat up until all hours of the morning having grown up talks (so rare, but so enjoyable), and Todd took the kids to do football drills in the rain (they loved it!). We missed Ryon and Eli! They didn't get to come because they were at Scout Camp. I feel relaxed, like I had a real vacation. Thanks so much for the break from everyday life and the heat, but most of all thanks for your friendship!


The Earnest Family said...

Ditto!!!! I couldn't have said it better:) Thanks for the memories... Let's do it again sometime--very soon!!!

Princess Gerty said...

My kids loved the videos! Thanks for posting! Yeah, Everything feels cold compared to here!