Saturday, July 31, 2010

Palm Springs Bussiness Rewards Trip...

We drove to Palm Springs and stayed at a beautiful golf resort where we ate, swam, and played for 3 days as a family. Eli won all the kids club games he played (fastest slide & diving for treasure)...Andrew, Zach, and Ry won all the other ones (Oreos for everyone)...that was fun for them! It was a lot of fun to sit by the pool for 8 hours straight and order food (on someone else's tab), the kids loved playing with Ryon (dad) for 3 full days, we played a lot of table tennis, ate pool side (I ordered one of every kind of shake for our family...strawberry, chocolate, Oreo, mango, pina colada...10 in all I think), we ordered out pizza, went down the water slide (Ry Guy thought it was FREAKY at first because when he sat up straight he'd go up high...he must have gotten over it, because he went down about 100 times), watched a bunch of tv at night (since we don't have it at home that seemed so fun for the kids), had swimming races in the pool (cheating seems to run in our family), played water volleyball, and now I'm happy to be home!

Four vacations in one month might IS over-kill, especially for a home body like me. I think I'm ready to not take a vacation for a year...or at least 30 continuous days! My own bed, my own food (from my own garden), my own bathroom, my own green green grass, my own chicken eggs, my own pool (without the afternoon cloudiness...what is that sunscreen or pee?),...what is it about home that make me want to never leave? The world outside is very beautiful, it smells good (some of it), it's fun, there are great people there...but it's not home. Anyway, I am grateful we had a (another) family vacation (paid for by work) & a complete family snapshot taken (very rare)!!!

Our exchange students arrive this week. I'm trying to get everything ready for school and their arrival. We are so excited!

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Princess Gerty said...

Oh what fun! I love vacations where you don't worry about the cost!