Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cheaper By The Dozen?

We now have 12 people who live in our home. We have two missionaries, two foreign exchange students, six children, Ryon and me. And so far it's been VERY fun! Tonight all the kids sat (and laid) around the table playing games and laughing. Everyone gets along very well, there's always lots of talking and laughing (which does get pretty loud). It's been very hot so we've gone swimming a lot. School starts on Wednesday this week, so the next few days will be hectic getting 8 children ready for school. Part of me wonders how we are going to get it done, the other part of me knows school will begin and the year will be over before we know it, whether I'm prepared, or not. Life really does just march on, no matter what I'm doing. This really is a wonderfully fun part of life. This week we tried German chocolate (yum), Swiss chocolate (delicious), and played with Italian cars and motorcycles, and now I have 2 wonderfully new cook books (one German and one Italian).

Today all 10 of us went to church together, it was fun, we filled up a whole row. Yesterday my 3 girls helped me make a peach crisp for dessert. It was so fast and fun to work with 3 teenage girls! They are all such wonderful people!


Princess Gerty said...

Love to hear how you love your new students!

Frauke said...

We love to follow your blog and see how exciting your life is.We are happy Ricky can be a part of your family for a few months!