Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthdays!

Birthday Morning!
Birthday Party!

He was so excited for his birthday and birthday party! He's been counting down every minute for months! He's extremely excited to be in kindergarten. And now, my baby is officially 5 years old (the birthday countdown is over!). He loves school and playing with all of his new friends (and all of Andrew's friends and Zach's friends). Ryon had a huge 5th birthday party on Saturday. He invited all the boys in the morning kindergarten class and all of Andrew's 1st grade friends. I wasn't sure what the lines are for birthday parties and inviting your brother's 1st grade friends, but apparently they are pretty fuzzy because all of Andrew's best buddies came and a lot of kindergartners came (even though they've only been together in school for 3 days (9 hours)). Ryon's party was extremely fun! The kids jumped on the trampoline, swam, went down the water slide, jumped off the diving board, busted open the pinata, ate Lego cake, devoured hot dogs and chips, and got to know each other. I hope you have the best 5th year ever, Ryon. You are truly a unique and gifted little man. You bring joy and happiness into our home by the bundles! I love you!

Today is my birthday. Although they don't hold the excitement and celebration they once did, I like to get older. I feel like there is new wisdom I acquire every year. I feel like I'm more like me. I appreciate who I really am, and I like me. I love my family dearly, nothing makes me more happy than being surrounded by them. Savanah is the best at her sincerely kind notes of appreciation. Eli is honest in a beautiful way, able to be vulnerable and true with me, I love that about him; he also is always there to help me out with heavy lifting and man jobs, thanks Eli. Nathaniel is highly affectionate, like a cat who loves me more than any one else, always rubbing against me, waiting to be petted, what a pure way to show his love. Zach is the boy of 1,000,000,000 words. He is always there to tell me, "Mom you are the best mom in the whole world, I love you so much! You're the best!". Thanks Zach! Andrew is an amazing package...his gift to me is his desire to be his best in all that he tries. Andrew is a hard worker (at everything he does), he cleans the toilets better than anyone else, and I appreciate his amazing work ethic, it really pays off! Ry Guy is happy, and that is a gift to me. He is able to go with the flow and is happy with what is going on all the time. My Ryon is tender hearted, always quick to give a compliment, always wanting to serve me and make me happy. Bea is always quick to do what needs to be done and even when she doesn't understand she is patient and happy, what a great gift. Ricky is energetic, always willing to learn something new with a smile on her face. I love how she is present in our family, and involved with everything that is going on at the moment. I feel the love of my family on my birthday.

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