Friday, July 16, 2010

Sea World and Cousins Camp

What a blast! We had a whirl wind weekend/week. For it's inaugural year Cousins Camp was held in San Diego. All my kids enjoyed 4 days with Grandma and Grandpa. The agenda included ice blocking, flying wooden gliders, toasting marshmallows, playing at the beach, a mud fight, sleeping in the tent, kp duty, digging holes in the sand, capture the flag, dodge ball, riding bikes on the strand, eating (tacos, hamburgers, doughnuts, pizza, cereal, pancakes), and a Nerf war. The kids had so much fun Ry didn't want to go home, "Until we are never going to come back again." I don't think he's particularly fond of the hours in the car to get home and come back:).

But before Cousins' Camp we went to Sea World for a day. I had so much fun! We laughed and played all day until the fire works in the evening. Some of the day's highlights were the evening Sea Lion and Otter Show (hilarious!), the Blue Horizon Show (entertaining), and the Cirque del Mar (very impressive). I laughed so hard it hurt! When I recall amusement parks as a kid I remember feeling tired and having VERY sore feet. But all through our Sea World day I just saw lots of smiles from my kids, and comments like this was the best day ever... We all had so much fun! I love being with my family! We're getting into the "teenage" years and the interaction between our boy and girl "teenagers" is getting so funny! They have me laughing all the time! Part of me wishes I had had a brother when I was growing up, the interaction between brothers and sister is so fun to watch!

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