Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Bear

It was the first time since...I think since forever, that we didn't have to ask someone to watch our kids while we went away. The guilt I feel at giving someone else my responsibility, even for a day or two, often times overshadows the joy that should come with spending time alone with my most favorite person. And since ALL of our kids were invited to Counsins' Camp at the same time, we had 4 bliss-filled days alone...together. We had fun in Big Bear mountain biking, the first day we took more than a 17 mile loop! It took us 4 hours to finish and I was wiped out and sore! It was so nice to just go back to our camp site and sleep...and read:) Savanah loaned me her Breaking Dawn we spent some hours reading together...all 754 pages. My voice felt like it was going to go hoarse...but it didn't, amazingly! We enjoyed BBQing, sitting around fires, washing dishes, and walking to the outhouse together. We enjoyed shopping (but we didn't buy anything), hiking, and talking together. But mostly we spent a lot of time biking (Eli loaned me his mountatin bike) was so nice to have quiet time together, I always feel so happy that Ryon is mine, he's so happy, patient, kind, talented, and loving. The last 16 years have sped by so quickly! I feel the joy that comes from spending my life with the same person, I truly am loving life, loving being married, loving my health, loving the gospel of peace and joy...I am happy.

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