Monday, July 19, 2010

Water Polo Tournaments!

Adoring fans..
Savanah, Eli and Nathaniel had a hot, yet, enthusiastic cheer section!

Water polo...complete with a shot clock, ejections, 2 officials, medals, and overly involved fans...we attended 2 water polo tournaments last weekend. Eli's and Nathaniel's was Friday and Savanah's was Saturday. The boys' team placed 3rd (bronze medals) in their age bracket and Savanah's team placed 2nd(silver) in hers.

I tried to take some pictures of us in the audience that would show you just how hot and sweaty we were...but the pictures don't do any justice to the sweltering monsoon heat we were sitting in! The highlights of the games would be that Eli and Nathaniel split scoring evenly their last game of the season. Partly because Eli was goalie for the last half, but also because Nathaniel is coming along in his water polo skills. Eli did a great job as goalie, blocking the majority of the shots the other team attempted. And even though they play in the 13' deep section Nathaniel is really getting some height when he shoots! Savanah's last game highlight was getting kicked in the chest and face so hard she couldn't breath (she's fine now)...she's playing against 15 year old "boys" some 6'4" and the goalie sported a beard...pretty funny. Dad got pretty involved the last game shouting "number 12 you better not do that again, watch yourself!". Luckily Savanah's male team mates felt that vendetta themselves, and the officials definitely favored Savanah's team heavily by the end of the match. I've never been at a game where I felt like the calls were so blatantly in favor of "my" team as I felt on Saturday, an interesting feeling, what was I going to say..."come on ref, make some more calls against our team:)." Again, I love watching water polo. My friend's daughter plays on an older team and said it's the water's equivalent to hockey...pretty rough, but oh so fun to watch! A highlight for me was Savanah's comment, "We are going to have an awesome team next year!" Eli, "Why?" Savanah: "Because you and me are going to be on the same team!" What a great feeling as a mother to know my kids are so confident in each other's abilities and that they love to play together. This just gets better every year!

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