Saturday, August 21, 2010


The boys had a football scrimmage on Thursday night. They all did a great job! Eli says it's a lot easier to hit hard when you don't know the guys you are hitting, he doesn't want to hurt his own team mates (he really is a nice guy). Tonight is my boys' first real game, and they are so excited! We suited them up this morning in preparation...and Andrew couldn't get his game pants on all the way! We tried shaking him into them... having Eli hold the front of Andrew's pants and I held the back and we shook and shook and even with Andrew's feet off the ground we couldn't get him into them. Nathaniel's jersey is way too tight, he can't lift his arms into the we need to make some changes. But I'm sure once their clothes fit right they'll be playing hard and having fun. Ry Guy can't wait until he's one of the big boys and playing football, too. He is wearing Eli's old helmet and pads in the photos.

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Princess Gerty said...

So cute to see them all lined up in uniform! Look at all those football players! Cool!