Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beatrice, Happy Birthday!

Our Italian exchange student, Bea, turned 17 years old today. Last night we had a fun birthday party to celebrate her. Everyone decorated a cupcake to look like Bea, or they were supposed to do that! (Mattie, what was that graham cracker doing in the middle of Bea's cute little cupcake head?) The kids played Apples to Apples, and everyone ate more sugar than is probably recommended for a year. Bea likes my homemade pesto, so I made some for the dinner party. (Although it was the driest (worst) I've ever made, doubling the recipe isn't always as easy as it sounds.). We swam and talked, until midnight...just kidding (Ricky!)!!! Bea is a very kind hearted girl. Ry Guy loves to spend time with her. She's always happy to help around the house to do anything that needs to be done. She stays very busy with swim team, but when she's not doing homework (she's getting an impressive 115% in some of her school classes), she is hanging out with our family. She fits right in, and we enjoy having her around. Happy Birthday Bea, I hope you always remember your birthday breakfast (toast with whipped cream), your birthday party, and your American family. You are wonderful!

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