Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ahhh... The sound of peace. Today my life feels more balanced already. I went to yoga last night, which is always great for my peace of mind. And this morning I rode my bike to school with Ry Guy, Andrew, and Zach. I'm so glad to be able to do that again!

We had a fun adventure at the Grand Canyon this weekend. We camped at Mather Camp Ground, where we walked to the rim in a matter of minutes. I enjoyed the fresh air, laughing, and hiking together as a family. On Monday morning we all set off down Bright Angel trail, with Ry and Andrew and I turning around after 1/2 hour. The ranger scared me with stories of the last day being 140' F at Fantom Ranch. A little hotter than this mother wanted to experience with little children. The older kids and Ryon were much braver and hiked to the 3 mile point and returned to camp by 11:30am. I had made a big brunch and everyone was ready to eat after their long hike!
This weekend we all experienced our first long (10 person) car ride. The way there was loud! Ricky had some great suggestions for the way home and it was much smoother (almost everyone slept for the first 2 hours), but then we got stuck in a traffic jam for hours! But it was worth it! The Grand Canyon is truly an amazing site to see!

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