Thursday, September 9, 2010


I thought I still lived in the hot hot Arizona desert. The one that doesn't show mercy until late October, and even then only in the evenings. But it was down right cool this morning. I have no idea what that means in terms of temperature (80' F feels cool now-a-days). But it was lovely! It was cooler outside than it was in the house when I woke up! The missionaries came knocking on my door around 6:30am..."Is there anything outside we can help you with?" they read my blog? (No, I'm just kidding, that's against mission rules!). So, they came over and weeded a flower bed for me (big smile)...they filled an entire wheel barrow! And that inspired me (along with the seeds I had soaked over night) to work in our family garden in the coolness of the morning (after I picked up the car, which just got new brake pads and a new seat belt). I planted garlic, broccoli, bibb lettuce & green leaf lettuce. The beans are still doing well, although "something" is eating off the top leaves of many of the plants so I'm probably down by 15 plants right about now:(. (Good thing I planted like 10 packages...I'm going to have beans this year!) The tomato plants are looking good, I'm hoping for a bumper crop of fall tomatoes, there are lots of blossoms. Anyone know how long it takes from blossom to red ripe tomato?
I rode with Ry Guy, Andrew, and Zach to school again this morning. It's a great tradition. Andrew rides "like the wind" (that's what I always call it), and gets there substantially before Ry and I arrive. At the spot where I turn around to go home Andrew & Zach wait to the sides of their bikes, so I can give them hugs and kisses before they go into the school gate. I love these ages! They want me around at lunch everyday, they want me to ride my bike with them to school, they want me to watch every move they make. And they not only love me, but they show me their love for me is unconditional, everywhere, anytime...there's a lot to learn from little people.

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